About Us

About Us

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea was established in 2010 by the Civil Aviation Act 2000 (as amended). CASA PNG is a statutory body with legal mandate to promote aviation safety and security through effective safety regulation of the civil aviation industry, with particular emphasis on preventing aviation accidents and incidents within the civil aviation system in Papua New Guinea.

While the safety regulation of civil aviation remains its primary role, CASA PNG also provides aviation security, safety education and training programs including responsibilities for airspace regulation.

As a signatory to the Convention of International Civil Aviation on international civil aviation, Papua New Guinea is responsible for maintaining an ongoing compliance with its international obligations and CASA PNG provides for this in its management of the civil aviation sector. To this end, the achievement of aviation safety and security outcomes are essential to our interests and, more broadly, the region.

Our VISION is to be the leading Civil Aviation Safety and Regulator and our MISSION is to be the employer of choice that exceeds the expectations of ICAO and comply with Civil Aviation Act.

CASA PNG’s roles and functions include; to monitor, enhance  and promote Civil Aviation Safety and Security. The functions of CASA PNG specified under section 12 of the Act are:

• Developing, establishing, and promulgating safety and security standards relating to entry into the civil aviation system;

• Monitoring adherence to safety and security standards;

• Conducting comprehensive aviation industry surveillance on an individual and industry-wide basis;

• Ensuring regular reviews of the civil aviation system to monitor performance and to promote improvement and development of its safety and security;

• Maintain aviation documentation including the register of aircraft;

• Investigating and reviewing civil aviation accidents and incidents in its capacity as the responsible safety and security authority.





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