Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM)

Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) Open for Submissions

 The following NPRMs listed below are open for submission pursuant to s. 76 of the Civil Aviation Act 2000 (as amended).

NPRM Part 1 Definitions, Abbreviations and Units of MeasurementsNPRM Part 47 Aircraft Registration and MarkingNPRM Part 92 Carriage of Dangerous GoodsNPRM Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations - CertificationNPRM Part 175 Aeronautical Information Service Organisations – Certification and Operation
NPRM Part 12 Accidents, Incidents and StatisticsNPRM Part 61 Pilot Licences and RatingsNPRM Part 119 Air Operator - CertificationNPRM Part 157 Notice of Construction, Alteration, Activation, and Deactivation of AerodromesNPRM Part 176 Search and Rescue Service Organisations –Certification and Operation
NPRM Part 20 Transition RulesNPRM Part 65 Air Traffic Service Personnel Licences and RatingsNPRM Part 121 Air Operations - Large Aeroplanes
NPRM Part 172 Air Traffic Service Organisations - Certification
NPRM Part 21 Certification of Products and PartsNPRM Part 67 Medical Standards and Certification
NPRM Part 139 Aerodromes – Certification and OperationNPRM Part 173 Instrument Flight Procedure Service Organisation - Certification and Operation
NPRM Part 43 General Maintenance RulesNPRM Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules

NPRM Part 144 Supply Organisations - Certification
NPRM Part 174 Aviation Meteorological Service Organisation – Certification and Operation

Consultation Process

 Each NPRM provides guidance on how to comment and the deadline for submissions.

NPRM closed for Submissions

The proposed rules will be reconsidered taking into account the submissions received. If necessary, CASA may undertake further consultation with key groups or individuals before submitting a final proposed rule to the Minister for Civil Aviation.






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