Personnel Licensing

Personnel Licensing

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is responsible for the issue of Air Traffic Services, Flight Crew and Maintenance Engineer personnel licences in Papua New Guinea. This includes ensuring that the requirements of ICAO Annex 1, Civil Aviation Act 2000 (as amended) and Civil Aviation Rules are met.

The licensing branch has a wide range of functions and responsibilities, which include Examinations, Licensing, Training, Regulatory and Administrative tasks. These are required by the Civil Aviation Act and the Civil Aviation Rules.

As such the CASA PNG Personnel Licensing Branch is committed to providing an effective, efficient standardized service to meet our legal and corporate obligations as a service provider.

To help us continuously improve our service please observe the following:

To be accepted, your application must meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Act and CAR’s. Following the itemized lists on your licensing forms and checklists will ensure compliance.

Once completed, your applications will be assessed and processed in the order they are received over the counter on a first come first serve basis. Incomplete applications will be rejected as it is unreasonable for CASA to accept your application without processing it. “Pending” is not in our vocabulary.

 There are no Fast Tracking fees or arrangements in place.

Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) Part 66 prescribe rules applicable to individuals or maintenance engineers who wish to conduct aircraft maintenance or airworthiness inspections and exercise certifying privileges within the PNG civil aviation system. Specifically, the rules provide for the following:

  • Aircraft maintenance engineer licence: The entry level qualification for the performance of maintenance on aircraft:
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer type or group ratings: The individual qualifications that specify the expertise of the holder of the aircraft maintenance engineer licence and provide certification privileges on certain aircraft types:
  • Aircraft maintenance specialist certificates: A certificate that provides specific privileges and responsibilities on senior licence holders to perform specialist maintenance activities.
  • Certificate of inspection authorisation: A certificate that provides additional privileges and responsibilities on senior licence holders that included certification of Annual Reviews of Airworthiness and conformity of major modifications and repairs

Eligibility requirements

(a) To be eligible for the grant of an aircraft maintenance engineer licence, a person shall;

(1) be at least 21 years of age; and

(2) have passed written examinations, relevant to the duties and responsibilities of an aircraft maintenance engineer in the following subject areas: –

(i) Air Law: rules and regulations; and

(ii) Natural science and aircraft general knowledge: basic mathematics; units of measurement; fundamental principles and theory of physics and chemistry applicable to aircraft maintenance; and

(iii) Aircraft engineering: characteristics and applications of the materials of aircraft construction including principles of construction and functioning of aircraft structures, fastening techniques; engines and their associated systems; mechanical, fluid, electrical and electronic power sources; aircraft instrument and display systems; aircraft control systems; and airborne navigation and communication systems; and

(iv) Aircraft maintenance: tasks required to ensure the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft including methods and procedures for the overhaul, repair, inspection, replacement, modification or defect rectification of aircraft structures, components and systems in accordance with the methods prescribed in the relevant Maintenance Manuals and the applicable Standards of airworthiness; and

(v) Human performance including principles of Threat and Error Management, relevant to aircraft maintenance.

(b) A person is eligible for the grant of an aircraft maintenance engineer licence if that person—

(1) has satisfactorily completed one of the following:

(i) a traineeship in an aviation technical trade, of forty-eight months of practical aviation related experience, including formal technical training with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or modifying airframes, power plants, or avionic systems and equipment, gained at any time; or

(ii) a traineeship in an appropriate non-aviation technical trade, and thirty-six months of practical aviation related experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or modifying airframes, power plants, or avionic systems and equipment, gained following completion of the traineeship; or

(iii) a total of sixty months of practical aviation related experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or modifying airframes, power plants, or avionic systems and equipment; or

(iv) a course of integrated training, including at least thirty-six months of supervised training and experience, conducted by the holder of an aviation training organisation certificate issued under car part 141 that authorises the conduct of such a course; and

(2) for each option in paragraph (b)(1), 24 months of the experience required shall be appropriate to the category of licence sought; and

(3) has passed written examinations acceptable to the Director relevant to the category of licence sought.

(c) A person holding a foreign licence is eligible for the grant of an aircraft maintenance engineer licence in the appropriate categories if;

(1) the foreign licence held;

(i) is current and complies with the requirements of ICAO Annex 1; and

(ii) was issued by a Contracting State accepted by the Director as meeting equivalent standards for licence issue; or

(2) the holder of the foreign licence has passed examinations, or otherwise gained qualifications, appropriate to the category of licence sought, acceptable to the Director.

Key Resource Link;

  • Car Part 66 Subpart C — Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence Ratings.
  • Car Part 66 Appendix B — Group and Type Ratings.
  • Advisory Circular (AC) 66-2.1 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence General

To obtain a PNG Flight Crew Licence you need practical experience and theoretical knowledge. You can do this by taking flying lessons at an approved flight school and passing CASA PNG theory exams.

If you would like to fly for sport or recreation only you may choose a private Pilot’s Licence. If you intend to build a career in aviation, you can train towards a commercial pilot licence, or an airline transport pilot licence. For those who wish to fly a drone privately or for business, there are also ways to allow you to do so safely inside PNG airspace.

Besides flying lessons you will also have to pass a medical examination, pass a ‘fit and proper person’ assessment and demonstrate you’re proficient in the English language.

Depending on your specific aviation goal there are specific requirements for how you can get certified to hold the Papua New Guinea Pilot’s Licence that you want.

The full certification requirements can be found in the Civil Aviation Rule Part 61 and your flying school will help guide you through this process.

PNG Advisory Circulars give further clarity to how you can comply with your requirements. Find the CAR Part 61 advisory Circulars here.

Foreign Licence Holders

Looking to fly in PNG? You will need a current and valid ICAO licence in order to fly in PNG whether it is a Papua New Guinean or foreign registered aircraft.

An ICAO licence is a flight crew licence issued by any of the member states of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

A Validation Permit is applicable to foreign licence holders who wish to fly in PNG temporarily. This applies to foreign Private Pilots and may be extended to foreign commercial pilots looking to qualify for a PNG Commercial and Air Transport Pilot licences. Find the application form here.

Remember to fill in all fields of the application form and sign your Fit and Proper Person Declaration as well as the form itself. There is also an administrative checklist on the form to help you submit the correct information. Doing so saves time in processing you application. CASA will not collect and compile your application for you so we ask that you submit the full package as one .zip

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Email us on

All CASA Flight Crew and AME Licensing Exams are now online e-Exams. You will be required to register at in order to book your exam. Exam sittings are done according to there E-exams Schedule. All exam fees are as per the ASPEQ fee schedule and payment may be made via credit/debit card. A sitting fee of K55 (GST Incl) is also payable to CASA PNG via EFTPOS or direct deposit before results can be released.

Approved E-Exam centre’s are distributed between PNG, Australia and NZ, each having their own schedules depending on capacity and capability. e-Exam centre’s in PNG are located at CASA PNG in Port Moresby and the Mission Aviation Fellowship LTD facility in Mt Hagen. Sitting dates and times are available from your ASPEQ account once registered. Please book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

CASA PNG Account Details:

Name: CAA CASA Surveillance Account

A/C No: 11637390

Bank: ANZ (PNG) Ltd

BSB Number: 018-911

Swift Code: ANZBPGPX

Location: Jacksons

Aviation Training Organization

Processing Times

Personnel Licensing is a busy team. It is greatly appreciated if you do not telephone them about the status of your license – unless it is necessary – as it interrupts the processing of yours and others’ applications. With a little forward planning you can expect your applications to be processed within the following time frames.

We encourage all licence holders to pick up the finished document personally. Should you choose a third party pick up of the document, please ensure to notify the authority. Once the document is signed for, any changes or amendments will be charged to you under the standard CASA PNG schedule of fees and charges.




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