Rules and Advisory Circulars

Civil Aviation Rules and Advisory Circulars

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Rules and ACs 
Definition and Interpretation Back to list above
Part 1Definitions Abbreviations and Units of Measurements
ProceduresBack to list above
Part 12Accidents, incidents and Statistics
AC 12- 1Notice of Accidents and Incidents
AC 12-2Incident Investigation
AdministrationBack to list above
Part 20Transition Rules
AC 20-1Storage and distribution of Aeronautical Supplies
AC 20-2Acceptability of Parts & Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts to CASAPNG
AircraftBack to list above
CertificationBack to list above
Part 21Certification of Products and Parts
AC 21-1Aircraft Type Acceptance
AC 21-2Product Certification- Airworthiness certificates in the the standard and restricted category
AC 21-3Product Certification- Airworthiness in the special category
AC 21 -5Identification of Products and Parts
Part 26Additional Airworthiness Requirements
Part 39Airworthiness Directives
AC 39-1Airworthiness Directives
Part 47Aircraft Registration and Marking
MaintenanceBack to list above
Part 43General Maintenance Rules
AC 43-1Aircraft Maintenance
AC 43-6Radio Station Approval Form CAA 2129
AC 43-8Modification and Repairs Form CAA 337
AC 43-12Avionics Installations Acceptable Technical Data
Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations - Certifications
AC 145 -1Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certification
Personnel Back to list above
Part 61Pilot Licenses and Ratings
AC 61 -1Pilots Licences and Ratings General
AC 61-2Aircraft Type Ratings
AC 61-3Aircraft Class Ratings
AC 61-4Pilot Licences and Ratings Student Licences
AC 61-5Pilots Licences and Ratings PPL
AC 61-6Pilots Licences and Ratings CPL
AC 61-7Pilot Licences and Ratings ATPL
AC 61-8Pilot Licences and Ratings Flight Instructors
AC 61-14Pilot Licences and Ratings Instrument Ratings
AC 61-16Guidelines for Testing & Approval of English Proficiency
AC 61-15Pilot Licences and Ratings Flight Examiner
Part 63Part 61 - Pilot Licenses and Ratings

Flight Engineers and Ratings
Part 65Air Traffic Service Personnel Licences and Ratings
Part 66Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing
AC 66-1Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing General
AC 66-2.1 AAMEL Examination Subject 1A Aeronautical Science
AC 66-2.1 BAMEL Examination Subject 1B Electrical Fundamentals
AC 66-2.2AMEL Examination Subject 2 Aircraft Engineering Knowledge
AC 66-2.3AMEL Examination Subject 3 Aircraft Materials
AC 66-2.5AMEL Examination Subject 5 Aeroplanes 2
AC 66-2.6AMEL Examination Subject 6 Rotorcraft
AC 66-2.7AMEL Examination Subject 7 Piston Engines
AC 66-2.8AMEL Examination Subject 8 Turbine Engines
AC 66-2.11AMEL Examination Subject 11 Avionics 1
AC 66-2.12AMEL Examination Subject 12 Avionics 2
AC 66-2.13AMEL Examination Subject 13 Electrical Systems
AC 66-2.14AMEL Examination Subject 14 Instrument Systems
AC 66-2.15AMEL Examination Subject 15 Radio Systems
AC 66-2.16AMEL Examination Subject 16 Compass Compensation
AC 66-2.17AMEL Examination Subject 17 Human Factors
AC 66-2.18AMEL Examination Subject 18 LTA aircraft
AC 66-2.20AMEL Examination Subject 20 PNG Air Law written
AC 66-2.30 AMEL Examination Mechanical Group Ratings
AC 66-2.31AMEL Examination Avionics Group Ratings
AC 66-2.32AMEL Examination Inspection Authorisation IA Certificate
AC 66-2.34AMEL Examination Mechnical Component Ratings Group 7
AC 66-2.35AMEL Examination Avionics Component Ratings Group 7
Part 67Medical Standards and Certification
AC 67-1Aviation Medical Standards and Certification
Part 183Authorized Representatives
AirspaceBack to list above
Part 71Designation and Classification of Airspace
Part 73Special Use of Airspace
Part 77Objects and Activities Affecting Navigable Airspace
Rules of the Air and General Operating RulesBack to list above
Part 91General Operating and Flight Rules
AC 91-1General Operating and Flight Rules
AC 91-2Use of GPS in lieu of DME in Instrument Procedures
AC 91-3Navigation Tolerance Areas Enroute Flight under IFR on non promulgated routes
AC 91-4Reduced Vertical Separation Minima RVSM
AC 91-5Operations of Portable Electronic Devices PED during flight under IFR
AC 91-6Aircraft Technical Log
AC 91-7Required Navigation Performance RNP10
AC 91-8Private Aircraft Operations
AC 91-10Aircraft Maintenance Programmes
AC 91-13Guidelines for the Approval and use of Electronic Flight Bag Devices
AC 91-11Aircraft ADS-B equipment standards
Part 92Carriage of Dangerous Goods
AC 92-1Dangerous Goods DG Training Programmes
AC 92-2Carriage of Dangerous Goods VFR unpressurised aircraft below 5700 MCTOW
AC 92-3Carriage of Explosives and Motor Spirit
Part 93Special Aerodrome Traffic Rules and Noise Abatement Procedures
Part 95Visual and Instrument Procedures for IFR Flight
Part 100Safety and Quality Management Systems
AC 100-1Safety Management Systems
AC 100-2Human Factors
Part 101Gyrogliders_Parasails _Unmanned Aircraft _incl Balloons_Kites_Rockets
AC 101-1Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems below 25kg
Part 102Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certification
AC 102-1 Unmanned Aircraft - Operator Certificate
Part 108Air Operator Security Programme
AC 108-1Air Operator Security Program
Certificated Operators and Other Flight OperationsBack to list above
Part 119Air Operator - Certification
AC 119-1Air Operator - Certification
AC 119-2Air Operations - Safety Management Systems
AC 119-3Air Operations-Safety Management Training
Part 121Air Operations - Large Aeroplanes
AC 121-1Extended range twin engine operations (ETOPS)
Part 122Flight and Duty Time Limitations
Part 125
Air Operations - Medium Aeroplanes
AC 125/135-01Guidelines for the Installation, Testing, Operation and Maintenance of Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) systems installed in Aircraft
AC 125/136-1Installation Operations Testing of Cockpit Voice Recorders CVRS
Part 129Foreign Air Operator - Certfication
Part 135Air Operator - Small Aeroplanes
AC 125/135-01Guidelines for the Installation, Testing, Operation and Maintenance of Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) systems installed in Aircraft
Part 136Air Operations - Helicopters
Part 137Agricultural Aircraft Operations
Certificated Organisation and AgenciesBack to list above
Part 109Regulated Air Cargo Agents
Part 140Aviation Security Service Organisation — Certification
AC 140-1Aviation Security Service Organization Certification
Part 141Aviation Training Organisations – Certification and Operation
AC 141-1Aviation Training Organization Certification
AC 144-1Supply Organization Certification
Part 145Aircraft Maintenance Organisations - Certification
AC 145-1Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certification
Part 146Design Organizations Certification
AC 146-1Aircraft Design Organization Certification
AC 148-1Aircraft Manufacturing Organization Certification
AerodromesBack to list above
Part 139Aerodromes Certification and Operation
AC 139-1Aerodrome Certification Exposition
AC 139-2Aerodromes Inspection Programme and Condition Reporting
AC 139-3Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting
AC 139-4Operational Safety During Works on Aerodromes
AC 139-5Aerodrome Design Aeroplanes above 5700kg MCTOW
AC 139-6Aerodrome Design Aeroplanes at or below 5700KG MCTOW
AC 139-7Aerodrome Design Heliports
AC 139-8Notification of Aerodrome Data and Information
AC 139-9Control of Obstacles
AC 139-15Aeronautical Studies for Aerodrome Operators
Part 157Notice of Construction, Alteration, Activation, and Deactivation of
AC 157-1Notice of Intent to Construct Alter Activate or Deactivate an Aerodrome
Certificated Airways Services Back to list above
Part 171Aeronautical Telecommunication Service Organisations - Certification
AC 171-1Aeronautical Telecommunications Service Organization Certification
Part 172Air Traffic Service Organisations — Certification
Part 173Air Navigation Service Organisation-Certification
Part 174Aviation Meteorological Service Organisations — Certification
AC 174-1Aviation Meteorological Service Organization Certification
Part 175Aeronautical Information Service Organizations - Certification
AC 175-1Aeronautical Information Service Organization Certification



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