Advisory Circulars

Advisory Circulars


Advisory Circulars 
AC 12- 1Notice of Accidents and Incidents
AC 12-2Incident Investigation
AC 000-2Storage and distribution of Aeronautical Supplies
AC 000-1Acceptability of Parts & Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts to CASAPNG
AC 21-1Aircraft Type Acceptance
AC 21-2Product Certification- Airworthiness certificates in the the standard and restricted category
AC 21-3Product Certification- Airworthiness in the special category
AC 21 -5Identification of Products and Parts
AC 39-1Airworthiness Directives
AC 43-1Aircraft Maintenance
AC 43-6Radio Station Approval Form CAA 2129
AC 43-8Modification and Repairs Form CAA 337
AC 43-12Avionics Installation Acceptable Technical Data
AC 47-1Aircraft Registration and Marking
AC 145 -1Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certification
AC 61 -1Pilots Licences and Ratings General
AC 61-2Aircraft Type Ratings
AC 61-3Aircraft Class Ratings
AC 61-4Pilot Licences and Ratings Student Licences
AC 61-5Pilots Licences and Ratings PPL
AC 61-6Pilots Licences and Ratings CPL
AC 61-7Pilot Licences and Ratings ATPL
AC 61-8Pilot Licences and Ratings Flight Instructors
AC 61-14Pilot Licences and Ratings Instrument Ratings
AC 61-16Guidelines for Testing & Approval of English Proficiency
AC 61-15Pilot Licences and Ratings Flight Examiner
AC 66-1Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing General
AC 66-2.1 AAMEL Examination Subject 1A Aeronautical Science
AC 66-2.1 BAMEL Examination Subject 1B Electrical Fundamentals
AC 66-2.2AMEL Examination Subject 2 Aircraft Engineering Knowledge
AC 66-2.3AMEL Examination Subject 3 Aircraft Materials
AC 66-2.4AMEL Examination Subject 4 Aeroplanes 1
AC 66-2.5AMEL Examination Subject 5 Aeroplanes 2
AC 66-2.6AMEL Examination Subject 6 Rotorcraft
AC 66-2.7AMEL Examination Subject 7 Piston Engines
AC 66-2.8AMEL Examination Subject 8 Turbine Engines
AC 66-2.11AMEL Examination Subject 11 Avionics 1
AC 66-2.12AMEL Examination Subject 12 Avionics 2
AC 66-2.13AMEL Examination Subject 13 Electrical Systems
AC 66-2.14AMEL Examination Subject 14 Instrument Systems
AC 66-2.15AMEL Examination Subject 15 Radio Systems
AC 66-2.16AMEL Examination Subject 16 Compass Compensation
AC 66-2.17AMEL Examination Subject 17 Human Factors
AC 66-2.18AMEL Examination Subject 18 LTA aircraft
AC 66-2.20AMEL Examination Subject 20 PNG Air Law written
AC 66-2.30 AMEL Examination Mechanical Group Ratings
AC 66-2.31AMEL Examination Avionics Group Ratings
AC 66-2.32AMEL Examination Inspection Authorisation IA Certificate
AC 66-2.33AMEL Examination Airframe Overhaul-subject 009
AC 66-2.34AMEL Examination Mechanical Component Ratings Group 7
AC 66-2.35AMEL Examination Avionics Component Ratings Group 7
AC 67-1Aviation Medical Standards and Certification
AC 91-1General Operating and Flight Rules
AC 91-2Use of GPS in lieu of DME in Instrument Procedures
AC 91-3Navigation Tolerance Areas Enroute Flight under IFR on non promulgated routes
AC 91-4Reduced Vertical Separation Minima RVSM
AC 91-5Operations of Portable Electronic Devices PED during flight under IFR
AC 91-6Aircraft Technical Log
AC 91-7Required Navigation Performance RNP10
AC 91-8Private Aircraft Operations
AC 91-8.1Private Aircraft Operations-Revision 1
AC 91-10Aircraft Maintenance Programmes
AC 91-11Aircraft ADS-B equipment standards
AC 91-13Guidelines for the Approval and use of Electronic Flight Bag Devices
AC 91-14Light Weight Flight Recorder Requirements
AC 91-15Guidelines for Monitoring, Verification and Reporting Carbon Emissions
AC 91-16Training Programme on the use of Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
AC 91-22Aircraft Refueling and Defueling- Fire protection and safety guidance measures
AC 92-1Dangerous Goods DG Training Programmes
AC 92-2Carriage of Dangerous Goods VFR unpressurised aircraft below 5700 MCTOW
AC 92-3Carriage of Explosives and Motor Spirit
AC 100-1Safety Management Systems
AC 100-2Human Factors
AC 101-1Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems below 25kg
AC 102-1 Unmanned Aircraft - Operator Certificate
AC 108-1Air Operator Security Program
AC 119-1Air Operator - Certification
AC 119-2Air Operations-Safety Management Systems
AC 119-3Air Operations-Safety Management Training
AC 121-1Extended-range Twin-engine aeroplane Operations (ETOPS)
AC 121-2The Training and Assessment of Human Factors and Crew Resource Management
AC 122-1Flight and Duty Time Scheme
AC 125/135-01 Guidelines for the Installation, Testing, Operation and Maintenance of Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) systems installed in Aircraft
AC 125/136-1Installation Operations Testing of Cockpit Voice Recorders CVRS
AC 125/135-01 Guidelines for the Installation, Testing, Operation and Maintenance of Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) systems installed in Aircraft
AC 136-2FDR Installation on Helicopters
AC 140-1Aviation Security Service Organization Certification
AC 141-1Aviation Training Organization-Certification and Operation
AC 141-2Aviation Training Organizations-Distance Learning (DSL) Training Methods
AC 144-1Supply Organization Certification
AC 145-1Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certification
AC 146-1Aircraft Design Organization Certification
AC 139-1Aerodrome Certification Exposition
AC 139-2Aerodromes Inspection Programme and Condition Reporting
AC 139-3Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting
AC 139-4Operational Safety During Works on Aerodromes
AC 139-5Aerodrome Design Aeroplanes above 5700kg MCTOW
AC 139-6Aerodrome Design Aeroplanes at or below 5700KG MCTOW
AC 139-7Aerodrome Design Heliports
AC 139-8Notification of Aerodrome Data and Information
AC 139-9Control of Obstacles
AC 139-15Aeronautical Studies for Aerodrome Operators
AC 157-1Notice of Intent to Construct Alter Activate or Deactivate an Aerodrome
AC 171-1Aeronautical Telecommunications Service Organization Certification
AC 171-2Aeronautical Telecommunication Service Organization - Certification and Operation
AC 173-1Instrument Flight Procedure-Application for Certification
AC 173-2Instrument Flight Procedure-Design Criteria & Validation of Instrument Flight Procedures
AC 174-1Aviation Meteorological Service Organization Certification
AC 175-1Aeronautical Information Service Organization Certification



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